Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Audi R8 - The Slowest Car We've Ever Built.

Copy: "Humans can be painfully slow. That's why we use them. Unlike most cars, the Audi R8 in not built on a production line. It's built in small numbers in a high-tech car crafting facility. Tasks that are usually executed by robots are meticulously executed by hand. It's a lengthy process, but what it loses in time, it gains in craftmanship. The new Audi R8. The slowest car we've ever built."

Copy: "It's what happens when you replace robots with humans. A car as complex as the new Audi R8 can only be built with years of engineering experience. Because it's built on such a small scale, almost every component has to be skillfully fitted by hand. So while the process might be slow, the car anything but. The new Audi R8. The slowest car we've ever built."

Agency: BBH London
Executive Creative Director: John O'Keefe
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney & Kevin Stark
Art Director: Andy Clough
Copywriter: Richard McGrann
Typographer: Richard Kennedy
Photographer: Frank Kayser

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