Thursday, November 29, 2007

Honda - Respect

Copy: "Respect your motorbike's identity.
Use Honda original complements and accessories."

Agency: JWT, Barcelona
Art director: Michele Salati
Copywriter: Javier Valero
Illustrator: Marc Oliveres

Top Interieur

Copy: "Offers you don't think twice about."

Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels
Creative Directors: Peter Ampe & Katrien Bottez
Copywriter: Tom Berth
Art Director: Geert De Rocker
Photographer: Griet Dekoninck

Interflora - The Power Of Flowers

Copy: "It's time to forgive her.
Mother's Day 14th May"
(Es el momento de perdonarla.
14 de Mayo, Día de la Madre

Agency: Walker, Switzerland
Creative Director: Pius Walker
Copywriter: Roger Beckett
Art Director: Mieke Haase
Photographer: Uwe Duettmann

Asel Art Supplies

Copy: "For right brains since 1951"

Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
Creative Director: Jim Baldwin
Art director/Copywriter: Kiran Koshy

Umbro shoes - Hunt

Copy: "New revolutionary football shoes.
Power and precision.

Agency: Aldea, Santiago de Chile
Creative Director: Martin Vinacur
Copywriters: Nicolás Neumann & Felipe Mañalich
Art director: Rodrigo Vivanco
Photo: Ricardo Salamanca

ACAP - Red carpet

Copy: "Every year, more than one billion sharks are slaughtered."
Restaurant Banner: "'King Of (shark) Fin'"

Agency: JWT China
Creative Director: Andy Chan
Copywriter: Marc Wang
Art Director: Johnson Sheng

Volkswagen Safety Features - Retirement Home

Copy: "Volkswagen safety features. ABS, ESP, Airbag, Traction control."
(Rasgos de seguridad de Volkswagen. ABS, ESP, Airbag, 4Motion)

Agency: DDB, Mexico
Creative Directors: Yosu Arangüena, Sebastián Arrechedera & David Alvarez
Art Directors: David Alvarez & Oscar Gutiérrez
Copywriter: Eugenio Arangüena
Photographer: David Franco (Zona 5)

Shiatsu Institute

"Would you please mind removing my husband's penis from your mouth?
Relaxation lessons. Shiatsu Institute."

"Darling, could you please hold the electric knife while I'm looking for my finger?
Relaxation lessons. Shiatsu Institute."

Agency: JWT, Paris
Art Director: Xavier Beauregard
Copywriter: Vincent Pedrocchi

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ocedar Wax - Armageddon

Copy: "Protects Wood"

Agency: JWT, Paris
Creative team: Xavier Beauregard & Yann-Gael Cobigo
Photographer: Vincent DixonRetouching: Kilato

Selton Cockroach Killer - Bug

Agency: DDB, Chile
Creative Director: Victor Mora
Art directors: Víctor Mora & Gustavo Bennedeto
Copywriter: Rodrigo Duarte
Director: Pablo Larraín

Dentosan - Spider Web

Copy: "Perfect to capture food."

Agency: JWT, Milan
Creative Director: Pietro Maestri
director: Hugo Gallardo
: Paolo Cesano

Condor Child's toothbrushes

Agency: OpusMúltipla, Brasil
Creative Director: Renato Cavalher
Art director: Cintya Reese
Copywriter: Diego Pianaro
Illustrator: Denilson Pucci

The Graphic Arts Institute - Change The World

Copy: "You can change the world with your pencil."

Agency: The Aid Agency, Copenhagen
Creative Director: Andrew Smart
Art directors: Andrew Smart & Niels Heilberg
Copywriter: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Photography: Erik Refner

Rock & Pop TV

Copy: "Your day doesn't have 24 hours of rock.
Your TV does."

Agency: Kepel & Mata, Buenos Aires
General Creative director: Damián Kepel
Creative Director: Sebastián Castañeda
Head of art: Maureen Hufnagel
Art Director: Rafael Gonzales del Cerro
Copywriter: Ezequiel Soules

Head&Shoulders - Vintage

Copy: "Since 1961."

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Bucharest
Creative Director: Nick Hine
Art Directors: Daniela Nedelschi, Jorg Riommi & Arturo Vittorioso
Copywriters: Jorg Riommi & Arturo Vittorioso
Photographer: Carioca

Amnesty International - Rose

Copy: "Every year, two million girls suffer the pain of genital mutilation –
a clear violation of their human rights.
No government should continue to ignore this crime.
Help us to stop violence against women.
Give your support at"

Agency: Publicis Stockholm
Copywriter: Malin Åkersten Triumf
Art Director: Yasin Lekorchi
Account Director: Magnus Svensson
Production Manager: Margit Blom
Final Art: Anders Modén
Photographers: Niklas Alm, Mattias Nilsson (Vostro)
Retouch Artist: Sofia Cederström (Vostro)
Media: Jeanette Asteborg (Zenithmedia)

PlayStation - Eye

Copy: "This is living.
PlayStation 3"

Agency: TBWA Brussels
Creative Director: Peter Aerts
Art Director: Jeroen Bostoen
Copywriter: Pol Sierens
Photographer: Marc Paeps
Retouching: Christophe Huet
Mock-up: Marcos Vinals Bassols (Zaza Make-Up)
Strategy: Stephanie Zimmermann & Kacper Wozniak
Account team: Jochen De Greef & Yannick Van Keer

Smart For Four - Believe

Copy: "Nobody will believe you've seen a price like it."

Agency: Contrapunto, Madrid
Creative Directors: Antonio Montero, Jose María Cornejo & Fernando Galindo
Art director: Fernando Zurita
Copywriter: Alberto Lizaralde

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lamborghini - Welcome

Copy: "Welcome to Sant'Agata Bolognese. Home of Lamborghini."

Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Germany
Creative Director: Diether Kerner
Copywriter: Oliver Ramm
Art Director: Johannes Hofmann
Photographer: Juergen Berderow

V75 ATG - Swedish Horseracing

" One horsepower can give the ride of your life."

"32 million years in the making. One moment of outburst."

"0-100000 in 118 seconds."

Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm
Art Directors: Jesper Holst & Johan Baettig
Copywriter: Mark Ardelius
Photographer: Klaus Thymann
Post production: Cabbe/Touchme

Monday, November 26, 2007

Medecins du Monde - The Child

Copy: "Forgetting is human.
Helping too."

Agency: Euro RSCG, France
Creative Directors: Olivier Moulierac & Jérôme Galinha
Art Director: Nicolas Harlamoff
Copywriter: Capucine Lewalle
Director : Laurence Dunmore

Harley Davidson - XL 1200N Nightster

"When the horsemen of the apocalypse arrive, we bet they won't be riding horses.
The XL 1200 N Nightster is coming."

"Some flirt with death. Others have their way with it.
The XL 1200 N Nightster is coming."

"The Book of Revelation warns of a beast. It fails to mention chrome.
The XL 1200 N Nightster is coming."

Agency: Wax, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Art Director/Illustrator: Joel Arbez
Copywriter: Nick Asik

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