Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Recruit Ireland:

Copy: "There's always a better job on RecruitIreland.com"

Agency: Chemistry, Ireland
Executive Creative Director: Mike Garner
Deputy Creative Director: Emmet Wright
Art Director: Nicole Sykes
Copywriter: Anne Fleming

Monday, December 10, 2007

Canadian Filmmakers Festival

Copy: "The Canadian Filmmakers Festival in theatres March 22nd to 25th, 2007.

Agency: Gjp Advertising, Toronto
Creative Director: John Farquhar
Copywriter: Lino DiNallo
Art Director: Arron Isaac
Agency Producer: Kat Ledgett
Account Management: Meagan Madill

General Mills - Fruit Ripples Snacks

Copy: "Finally something you can say yes to.
Real apple. Real crunchy. Real yummy."

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Art Director: Danielle Thornton
Copywriter: Josh Schildkraut
Executive Creative Director: Tony Granger
Creative Directors: Jan Jacobs, Leo Premutico & Ann Hayden
Art Buyer: Melissa Brzeski
Illustrator: Adrian Johnson

Mini - Vending machine

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Creative Director: Andrew Keller
Art Directors: Kat Morris & Arturo Sandoval
Photographer: Jason Vanblaricum
Illustrator: Massimo Leone

Denholm Associates

"Interests: Motivational speaking."

"Hobbies: Gardening."

Copy: "Denholm. Because a CV only tells you so much.
We meet all our candidates, so we'll find you the right person, not just the right CV.
delhomassociates.com "

Agency: 1576, UK
Creative Director: Adrian Jeffery
Copywriter: Chris Muir
Art Director: Simon Phillips
Photographer: Robbie Smith

Neethlingshof - Honest wines

"If the food is dull, our wines may help.
If the company is dull, you're on your own.
Neethlingshof, Stellenbosh Estate Wine
Exceptionally honest wines"

"Our wines complement most foods wonderfully.
But Brussels sprouts are Brussels sprouts.
Neethlingshof, Stellenbosh Estate Wine
Exceptionally honest wines"

"You may taste hints of asparagus, berries or chocolate.
Especially if you're enjoying it with asparagus, berries or chocolate.
Neethlingshof, Stellenbosh Estate Wine
Exceptionally honest wines"

Agency: FCB, Cape Town
Creative Director: Francois de Villiers
Art Director: Schalk van der Merwe
Copywriter: Sasha Sanders
Photographer: Alain Proust

Vodafone - Wireless Office

Copy: "It's time to get out for real.
Introducing the wireless office from Vodafone.
Make the most of now."

Name: JWT, Cairo
Executive Creative Director: Fady Chamaa
Creative Director: Hesham Ellabban & Ali Ali
Art Directors: Maged Nassar & Hesham Ellabban
Copywriters: Hesham Ellabban & Maged Nassar
Photographer: Maged Nassar

La Trinidad - 2007 Collection

Agency: Oniria, Paraguay
Creative Directors: Camilo Guanes, Rodrigo Weiberlen & Sergio Kostianosvky
Art Directors: Iron Lobo, Laura Piñeiro & Victor Candia
Photographer: Victor Candia

Scandinavian Airlines - Get Your Facts Straight

Agency: Pool, Stockholm
Creative Director: Jenny Aberg Huttner
Art Director: Fredrik Jeppsson
Copywriter: Kurt B. Geiger
Director: Henrik Kindgren
Production Company: Delorean Film
Producer: Haakon Vislie

Microsoft Zune - Intergalactic Swap Meet

Agency: 72andSunny, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Glenn Cole
Executive Producer: Sam Baerwald
Producer: Elisa Orsburn
Copywriter: Louise Shieh
Designer: Katie O’shea
Production Company: Blacklist, New York
Director: againstallodds
Animation Director: Derek Picken
Co Director/2D Animator: Niklas Rissler
Lead Animator: Tommie Löfqvist
Animator: Laurent Clermont
3D Artists: Kristian Rydberg, Steve Woodruff, Göran Forssling, Robert Andersson & Robin Arvidsson
Lighting/Rendering:Stefan Lagerstam
Music: The Deadly Syndrome
Mix and Sound Design: Lorren Siober

Stella Artois - 1366

"Welcome to 1366.
Over 600 years ago, people saw the world with different eyes.
The risk of falling off the end of the world was an ever-present danger.
So when the people os Leuven set out to brew the perfect beer, their long journeys to find the finest hops were considered an act of bravery.
We still believe today what they believed back then.
Perfection has its price."

"Welcome to 1366.
Over 600 years ago, people saw the world with different eyes.
It was believed that thunder and lightning were caused by the wrath of the Gods.
Yet despite the danger, the people of Leuven never hesitated to venture into the fields to bring in the harvest.
We still believe today what they believed back then.
Perfection has its price."

"Welcome to 1366.
Over 600 years ago, people saw the world with different eyes.
They believed that the flaming sun was extinguished each night when it sank in to the sea.
So when the beer export took off from Leuven, it was seen as a heroic act to be a sailor onboard the ships.
We still believe today what they believed back then.
Perfection has its price."

Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm
Creative Director: Matthew Bull
Copywriters: Hakan Engler, Johan Holmstrom & Mats Brun
Art Directors: Rickard Villard, Tim Scheibel, Johan Tesch & Kalle dos Santos
Illustrator: Matte Painter
Photographer: Jean-Marie Vive

Adidas China

Copy: "Impossible is nothing."

Agency: TBWA, Shanghai
Creative Directors: Yang Yeo, Elvis Chau, Sarawut Hengsawad, Lesley Zhou & John Merrifield
Copywriters: Leslsy Zhou, Sarawut Hengsawad, Nicky Zhang & Michelle Wu
Photgrapher: Mark Zibert
Illustrators: Luming & Lance Ma

AIDS-Fondet - Event on the World AIDS day

Agency: The Aid Agency, Copenhagen
Creative Director: Andrew Smart
Art Director: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Copywriters: Andrew Smart & Rasmus Sigvaldi
Photographer: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Flyer Copy: Pia Rathsach
Flyer Photo: Anne Mie Dreves

Amnesty International

Copy: "300.000 child soldiers dream of simply being children."

Agency: TBWA Paris
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Art Directors: Ingrid Varetz & Javier Rodriguez
Copywriters: Véronique Sels & Daniel Perez
Photographer: Michael Lewis

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Arrive Alive

"I've driven home like this hundreds of times.
I'll sober up when I'm behind the wheel."

"I just need to get it out of my system."

"I'm cool to drive.I live just up the road.
Don't worry I know my limits"

"I'll sober up when I'm behind the wheel.
Just give me five minutes and I'll be fine to drive."

Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa
Creative Directors: Graham Warsop, Michael Blore & Tom Cullinan
Art Directors: Frank Van Rooijen & Chantelle Dos Santos
Copywriter: Gavin Stradi
Photographer: Graham Kietzmann

Niedermeyer Toshiba - Full HD

Copy: "Extreme high resolution."

Agency: Draftfcb Kobza, Vienna
Creative Directors: Joachim Glawion & Erich Falkner
Art Director: Edith Büyükdoganay
Copywriters: Edith Büyükdoganay & Rita Spielvogel
Photographer: Corbis

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Companhia Athletica

Copy: "A quicker bath can save lives.
Save water. Wasting it kills millions of people who don't have enough."

Advertising Agency: DM9DDB, Sao Paulo
Art Director: Rodrigo Bombana
Copywriter: Edson Oda

Surfrider Foundation - Cycle

"Industrial waste, toxic residue and carelessness are the principal causes of pollution"

"Sewage, industrial waste and carelessness are the principal causes of pollution."

"Garbage, industrial waste and carelessness are the principal causes of pollution."

Copy: "What goes around, comes around.
Protect the oceans, the beaches and the environment."

Agency: Script, Rio de Janeiro
Creative Director: Ricardo Real
Art Director: Bernardo Romero
Copywriter: Daniel Duarte
Illustrator: Otávio Rios

Intertool - Cheese

Copy: "Toughest drills from Switzerland.

Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt
Creative Directors: Helmut Himmler & Lars Huvart
Art Directors: Helmut Himmler & Minh Khai Doan
Copywriter: Lars Huvart
Photographer: Thomas Strogalski

DRQ Grafica - Printing House

Copy: "Ideas take a lot of work. Print them well."

Agency: Publicis, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcelo Gianinni
Art Director: Filipe Raposo
Copywriter: Rodrigo Strozenberg

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