Wednesday, February 3, 2010

O2 - A Different Path

Copy: "Change direction.
Don't take the easy road.
Don't stop.
Don't hesitate just because you are on your own.
Look forward.
Every step brings you closer.
We're making new paths, so that others can follow.
O2. Can do."
(Cambia de dirección.
No tomes el camino mas fácil.
No te detengas.
No dudes como consecuencia de estar sólo.
Mira hacia delante.
Cada paso te acerca.
Estamos abriendo nuevos vias, para que los demás puedan seguir.
O2. Puede

Agency: VCC Perfect Pictures, Germany
Agency Producer: Andy Leahy
Creative Director: Oliver Frank
Art Director/Copywriter: Sebastian Oehme
Director: Lance Acord
Production Company: Park Pictures & Soup Filmproduktion
Producer: Stephan Fruth
Director of Photography: Lance Acord

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