Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mercedes Benz - 1440

Original voice-off (in Spanish): Supongamos que cada mañana te encuentras 1.440 euros. Sin hacer nada para ganarlos.
Puedes regalarlos, gastarlos, divertirte con ellos o quemarlos.Pero los que no uses, al final del día, desaparecerán.
Así funciona la vida. La diferencia es que lo que te encuentras cada mañana no son 1.440 euros. Son 1.440 minutos. Piensa bien qué vas a hacer con ellos.
Mercedes-Benz SportCoupé. Que te diviertas.

English translation: Let's suppose each morning you find 1.440 euros. Without doing nothing to earn them.
You can give them away, spend them, have fun with them or burn them. But the ones you haven't used, at the end of the day, will disappear.
That's how life works. The difference is that what you find each morning are not 1.440 euros. Are 1.440 minutes.
Think carefully what you're going to do with them.
Mercedes-Benz SportCoupé. Have fun.

Agency: El Laboratorio Springer & Jacoby, Spain
Creative Team: Mar Frutos, Manuel Montes & Carlos Holemans
Producer: José Ángel Taravilla
Producer Company: Álamofilms
Artistic Director: Julio del Álamo

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