Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nike - Gasol's Message

Copy: "Being Spanish is not an excuse anymore, it is a responsibility."
(Ser español ya no es una excusa, es una responsabilidad)

"This is a message for all my fans in Spain.
For those journalists that praised my travel from San Boi to the U.S.A.
Of course for all that boys and girls that have bought a shirt with the number 16 on it.
Also for the people that have congratulated me for my new job in L.A.
Thank you very much for everything. Thank you.
But there is something I have to tell you.
You are going ahead. If you are already satisfied you will be giving a little help to our country.
In fact you are limiting our possibilities.
It is great getting your country to admire you, but it is even better managing that the whole world admires your country. Don't you think so?"

Agency: Villarosas
Creative Directors: Oriol Villar & Fernando Codina
Art Director: Enric Soldevilla
Copywriter: Tuning
Agency producer: Melanie Andrada

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