Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jeep - Ten Little Vehicles

Lyrics: Ten little vehicles were driving in a line,
one engine broke, it had to stop,
from then on there were nine.

Nine little vehicles were driving towards heaven,
two of them did lose control,
from then on there were seven.

Seven little vehicles were trying out some tricks,
one of them was losing grip,
from then on there were six.

Six little vehicles, the rain did really pour,
a truck was sliding into them,
from then on there were four.

Four little vehicles drove towards trees for fun,
three of them bumped into it,
from then on there was one.
One little vehicle, a safety-featured car,
goes on and on and on and on,
forever offroad car!

Jeep. There's only one.

Agency: KNSK Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Claudia Bach
Art Director: Michael Reissinger
Copywriters: Fabian Tritsch, Lennert Wendt, Anna Schroeder & Nina Burmeister
Illustrators: Maurice, Tom, Enzo, Don-sun, Michi, Kim-Eyleen, Johanna-Marie, Emma, Kurt & Louisa
Agency Producer: Kerstin Arndt
Production Company/Animation: Deli Pictures, Hamburg
Director: Michael Reissinger
VFX Super: Christian Reimann
3d Artists: Thomas Volkmann & Malte Sarnes
2d Artist: Robert RheeFlame Artist: Christian Reimann
Music: NHB Ton Hamburg & Markenfilm GmbH

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