Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Viva! Action For Animals - Contraception

Copy: "Does he/she know about birds and bees?
If you are not able to explain to him/her what contraception is, find another way to prevent uncontrolled breeding... See www.sterilization.org
(¿Se sabe lo de los pájaros y las abejas?
Si no eres capaz de explicarle lo que es la anticoncepción, busca otro modo de evitar la cría incontrolada... Visita

Agency: Scholz&Friends Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Jane Stoykov
Art Director: Sabina Samulska
Copywriters: Piotr Zygmunt & Marta Fraczek
Photographer: Jan Kriwol
Producer: Michal Krajewski

Published: October 2008

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